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The Clifton Public Library is pleased to announce the impending renovation of our Allwood Branch Library, located at 44 Lyall Road. It's our intention to use this blog to provide the community with timely updates in our remodeling process.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Putting it back together!

With the exception of working through punch list items, the bulk of construction on the branch is complete. Now we are in the process of loading in. New furniture and shelving has been arriving on a steady basis, and previously used furniture, shelving and equipment that had been in storage - along with hundreds of boxes of materials - have been returned. Furniture and shelving are being assembled and placed by skilled installers. The bulk of the materials re-shelving work will be done by the same movers that had originally packed it up; staff will complete the process shortly afterwards.

Below are pictures that show the evolution of certain spaces, as well as the "controlled chaos" of the loading in process:

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