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The Clifton Public Library is pleased to announce the impending renovation of our Allwood Branch Library, located at 44 Lyall Road. It's our intention to use this blog to provide the community with timely updates in our remodeling process.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Taking Shape

After months of "hidden" work - wiring through walls, plumbing in the basement, duct work routing, and so on - the interiors are beginning to take shape! Framing for the storefront design that defines children's areas and the computer room have gone up; the storefronts will have a mix of wood and clear and frosted glass elements. Tiling has begun on the additional bathroom; door frames are up; and ceiling grids are being installed, along with lighting. Walls were primed and painted before the ceiling grids went up, and additional coats will be added when the construction is further along.

View from the front door.

Computer room with storefront grid.

Children's room with storefront grid.

Fun ceiling detail in the Children's room.

Children's program room storefront grid with 1 of 2 doors installed.

Ceiling grid installed in fiction, with lighting installations in progress.

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  1. As usual, government construction goes over its expected timeline. If you would penalize the contractors with reduced payments for not meeting deadlines, WE your TAXPAYING FUNDERS, would be able to use the amenities WE paid for. Please don't be dumb enough to risk losing your jobs over a library project.